Desert Aire


Dehumidification. Dedicated Outdoor Air Treatment Systems. Indoor Grow Rooms Environment Control.

Industry leader in:

  • Commercial, industrial and residential dehumidification and 100% outdoor air treatment systems made in America.
  • Indoor agricultural grow room environment control system for protecting and optimizing plant production.
  • Split and packaged system solutions for installation indoors or outdoors, including rooftop units.
  • AireGuard™ advanced remote access communication for factory-assisted start-up or customer’s own diagnostics use.

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Compu Aire

Mission Critical Cooling. Precision Environment Control. Data Centers. IT Equipment. Telecom. Labs.

Innovative leader in:

  • Precision Cooling and outdoor air treatment systems made in America.
  • 24/7 Duty Cycle Operation for ensuring tight room conditions in mission critical equipment rooms.
  • Split and packaged system solutions for installation indoors or outdoors, including ceiling, wall, floor and rooftop mounted units.
  • Including humidity control with integral humidifier and reheat for regulating RH% levels.
  • Multi-protocol communication with Building Management/Automation Systems, including BacNet, ModBus, SNMP, HTTP and more.

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Gas Detection: Toxic and Combustible Gases for Industrial and Commercial Applications.

High Quality and Performance Leader in:

  • Gas Detection/Monitoring Systems…Life Saving Technology
  • Manufacturer of CO2, Toxic & Combustible Sensors systems made in America for 20+ years.
  • Multi-protocol communication with Building Management/Automation Systems utilizing BACnet I/P and ModBus
  • Applications include but are not limited to
    • Parking Garages, Chiller Plants, Auto Service, Warehouses, Battery Storage, Propane Storage, Hospitals, Natural Gas Facilities and Water Treatment & Sewer Plants

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STULZ Air Technology Systems

While some products are merely assembled in America, STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc., the North American division of STULZ, is proud to always research, design, manufacture, test and support our advanced cooling technologies in our Frederick, MD facility. STULZ products meet the requirements of the Buy America Act. STULZ Air Technology Systems is a member of the global STULZ family, with two major divisions, seven production plants, and hundreds of sales and service partners around the world.

Wherever you are, STULZ is globally close to you. STULZ is the technology leader, providing cooling solutions and services for mission-critical applications. This is accomplished through the design and manufacture of highly energy-efficient temperature and humidity control equipment for commercial and industrial applications.

Energy Efficiency is at the core of every STULZ Product – including our HQ/Factory’s 950 kW solar array. STULZ products are available in a variety of configurations and options based on our factory-designed and tested components and modules.

We can also provide a custom touch to adapt our products to meet your specific needs. With more than 20 years of expertise in controls, economizers, and mission-critical solutions, STULZ offers the largest portfolio to fill any and all precision cooling needs. As part of our commitment to quality, STULZ Air Technology Systems is ISO-9001 Quality Registered.

We offer:

Mission Critical Precision Cooling

  • CeilAir DX & Chilled Water Ducted or Spot Cool Ceiling AC Units
  • CyberRow DX & Chilled Water in-row AC Systems
  • CyberTwo DX medium to large floor standing AC Systems
  • CyberOne DX small to medium floor standing AC systems
  • Mini-Space DX & Chilled Water small to medium floor standing AC Systems
  • Flair DX & Chilled Water Wall Console Systems – small to medium capacity
  • Compact Chilled Water medium to large floor standing AC systems
  • CyberHandler Outdoor Precision AHU’s – medium to large systems
  • BMS Com. Interface


Precision Humidification

  • Ultrasonic In-room Wall Mounted or Duct or AHU Mounted
  • Small to Large Capacities (4 to 100’s of lbs./hr.)
  • Proportional or On/Off Control
  • Water Treatment Supply Systems
  • BMS Com. Interface

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DirectJet Technology is a two-phase cooling technology that is ideal for cooling electronic hardware in servers for data centers, regardless of make or model. It is safe, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and high-performing.

In cooling systems with DirectJet Technology, a non-conductive fluid is pumped to DirectJet modules (Novec 7000) mounted on CPUs and graphics cards. The fluid partially vaporizes within the modules, forming tiny vapor bubbles that efficiently transfer heat away from the devices to keep them cool.

With DirectJet Technology, data center operators realize dramatic cost savings through lower energy consumption and space savings through rack consolidation.

DirectJet systems are available in three sizes, the DirectJet 32, 120, and 480. Our smallest, the DirectJet 32, installs in-rack and cools up to 32 servers in one rack. Our largest, the DirectJet 480, installs in-row and cools up to 480 servers across multiple racks. All DirectJet liquid cooling systems are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

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Coolcentric delivers the world’s most energy and space-efficient cooling solutions for reducing data center costs. Coolcentric’s products for rack-level cooling, combined with services for integration, deployment, and sustainability of data center thermal solutions, allow customers to optimize their data centers for maximum performance and return on investment.

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Active data centers can run extremely hot. An unmonitored or poorly designed data center can be its own worst enemy. This is where aisle containment can often be the solution. Hot aisle or cold aisle containment is a layout design for server racks and other computing equipment in a data center. The goal of a hot aisle/cold aisle containment configuration is to conserve energy and lower cooling costs by managing airflow.

In addition to the high functionality and custom ability, Cool Shield is extremely cost-competitive compared to other aisle containment systems. Regardless if you have a project for a single row in an existing server room or an entire data hall in a brand new build-out, our experienced Project Managers can configure the Cool Shield system to be the most efficient and functional aisle containment system available.

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OptiCool Technologies is a leading provider of innovative data center cooling solutions. We specialize in refrigerant-based, close-coupled cooling solutions designed to support a wide variety of data center applications, including both low-density to high-density.

We deliver practical solutions that can adapt to any environment and support both existing facility upgrades or new construction.

The OptiCool® data center cooling solution supports the spectrum of low- through high-density cooling requirements in either a raised floor or a non-raised floor. We design, develop, manufacture, market and support our award-winning OptiCool® data center cooling solution from our company headquarters pictured above located in Webster, New York.

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RLE Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of leak detection equipment, data center monitoring systems, and more. We offer a variety of services designed to help you maximize the capabilities of your leak detection and environmental monitoring systems. Bundled together or purchased separately, our services packages provide the personalized service you’ve come to expect from RLE.

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