Desert Aire is a leading manufacturer of refrigeration-based dehumidifiers and dedicated outdoor air systems.

We provide effective, efficient solutions to humidity problems in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial environments. A Desert Aire system properly removes humidity to promote greater comfort, structural integrity, improved IAQ and higher energy savings. Desert Aire DOAS units meet ASHRAE Standards 62 and 90.1.

Desert Aire Product Lines We Offer:

Dehumidification Systems for Pool Room, Industrial and Commercial Applications

  • Expert Aire (LC) Series – small to medium systems (1 to 15 tons)
  • Select Aire ND/SA Series – medium to large systems (18 to 60 tons)
  • BMS Com. Interface

Dedicated Outside Air Treatment Systems

  • Total Aire (QS) Series – small to large 100% OA systems (indoor or outdoor)
  • Vertical Aire (QV) Series – small to large 100% OA systems (indoor)
  • Aura Series – small to medium 100% OA systems (packaged)
  • Energy Recovery Options available on each
  • BMS Com. Interface