QEL (Quatrosense Environmental Ltd) manufactures and markets a wide selection of instrumentation for hazardous gas detection through the latest sensing technologies. QEL demonstrates a strong commitment to research and development designing leading edge products for the commercial, municipal, industrial process and aerospace markets. With a diverse product offering, QEL is able to satisfy both commercial and industrial toxic and combustible gas detection applications:

Commercial Applications include carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide monitoring in parking garages, carbon dioxide monitoring in schools and auditoriums, to Freon detection in chiller rooms.

Industrial Applications include ammonia monitoring in the agriculture industry, carbon dioxide and ammonia monitoring in the food and beverage industry, to monitoring toxic and combustible gases for the United Space Alliance, aerospace industry.

QEL is dedicated to continuing its leadership in its field through an ongoing commitment to research, targeting new technologies, improving the quality of its products and services, and strengthening the skills of its people. Our objective is both simple and progressive; to further develop QEL’s position in supplying environmental solutions to the world well into the twenty-first century while aiding in the protection of life, property and the environment.