STULZ – Mission Critical Cooling & Humidification

The smooth operation of modern information and telecommunications technology requires the precise maintenance of environmental conditions. Precision air conditioners from Stulz-ATS are individually planned, configured, and assembled to suit the specific application.

They control temperature, humidity, and air in close tolerances and thus create optimal operating conditions in computer rooms, control rooms, clean rooms, and server rooms. From ceiling units in sizes from 1-10 tons to floor units from 1-90 tons, precision air conditioners from Stulz-ATS represent a complete range that can be used to tackle every task.

Desert Aire – Customized Industrial Dehumidifiers

Desert Aire Corp. is a manufacturer of customized refrigeration-based industrial dehumidifiers that provide effective, efficient solutions to all of your humidity problems. A Desert Aire system properly neutralizes humidity to promote greater comfort, structural integrity, improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and higher energy savings. Their IAQ units also meet ASHRAE Standards 62 and 90.1.


QEL – Gas Detection and Monitoring

QEL manufactures and markets a wide selection of instrumentation for hazardous gas detection though the latest sensing technologies. With a diverse product offering, AEL is able to satisfy both commercial and industrial toxic and combustible gas                                                                                detection applications.



OptiCool Technologies – Innovative Data Center Cooling Solutions

OptiCool Technologies is a leading provider of innovative data center cooling solutions. We specialize in refrigerant-based, close-coupled cooling solutions designed to support a wide variety of data center applications, including both low-density to high-density.

We deliver practical solutions that can adapt to any environment and support both existing facility upgrades or new construction. The OptiCool® data center cooling solution supports the spectrum of low- through high-density cooling requirements in either a raised floor or non-raised floor. We design, develop, manufacture, market and support our award-winning OptiCool® data center cooling solution from our company headquarters pictured above located in Webster, New York.

logos-sm-legLegacy Chiller Systems – Air and Water Cooled Process Cooling for Mission Critical Applications

Small to Medium Size Chiller Systems for Commercial and Industrial Applications.

As the leading U.S. producer of fluid cooling process chiller solutions, many Legacy Chiller Systems have become the standard in specific market segments. To keep up with ever-changing market requirements, Legacy is the first to develop pre-specified process chiller solutions for specific markets and applications. This forward thinking business model has allowed Legacy to provide the right solution to market at the right time with one of the best return on investment (ROI) rates in the industry.

logos-sm-rle2RLE Technologies – Leak Detection Systems

Small to large floor coverage areas. Monitoring & Alarm Panels . General & Customized for Facilities.

RLE Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of leak detection equipment, data center monitoring systems, and more. We offer a variety of services designed to help you maximize the capabilities of your leak detection and environmental monitoring systems. Bundled together or purchased separately, our services packages provide the personalized service you’ve come to expect from RLE.




DirectJet Technology is a two-phase cooling technology that is ideal for cooling electronic hardware in servers and workstations. It uses a non-conductive fluid that is pumped to DirectJet modules that are mounted on CPUs and graphic cards. It is safe, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and high-performing.


Cool Shield

Cool Shield aisle containment solutions provide customers with a versatile turn-key product in new or existing data centers. Our data center aisle containment solution ranges from a single row in an existing server room to entire data halls in new facilities.



Cool Shield aisle containment solutions provide customers with a versatile turn-key product in new or existing data centers. Our data center aisle containment solution ranges from a single row in an existing server room to entire data halls in new facilities.